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Garden Designer

There's a patch of bare grass under the neighbour's picnic table. It's opened up, surrounded by snow. Perennials are perhaps turning over in the unexpected warmth, murmuring their equivalent of mmmnn, yes, that feels good. I am a Calgary garden designer waiting for the warmth of the sun. Ready to identify problems and search for solutions - get invovled in the organic - address composting concerns - explore, find plant combinations - plant pots and stage your garden to make it grow - yes we can garden together. Create gardens that are pleasing to the eye. Yes, soon the snow will be gone. Restful, soothing, dramatic, and healing gardens await.


We can discover your personal style - the garden within - have a flavour of Traditional or Modern or Japanese or even an English garden tied into your own identity. Looking out in spring, I see window frame, cornice, the slope of the roof, an empty arbour, a leaning toolshed. Long spans of weather-treated impenetrateable privacy fence. We must consider how the garden looks in relation to the home with seasonal interests and textures and colours - the combination of what looks interesting together. There is a right plant for the right place. From here, I can see right over the fences into the gardens where at the moment, it seems nothing private is taking place - a jumble of branch and shadow spreading against the backs of houses - I see a need to decrease pruning. There are ways.

Except for the inexorable slump of grey snow, melting into the dark earth, opening up this patch of bare grass under the picnic table, where the tiny seeds awaken, turn slowly into the warmth, and say yes, now, yes, we're ready.


And when we are in the heat of the season, and you go away on a holiday, I will garden for you - recognize what are weeds and what are perennials - tend existing perennial gardens and plant annuals in amongst the perennials. I don't do lawns but I do stake and tie and have even reclaimed and revived lost perennial gardens for those who move into a new house and do not recognize what is planted.

There you are

Your garden is a process. I believe I am a valuable addition to that process.

~ Robin